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Candles and Accessories

We offer many types of candles and candle accessories:

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Jar Candles

Fragrant Jar Candles are an attractive addition to any home. They are designed to burn cleanly and evenly throughout. Crafted from our finest wax and alloy wicks, our candles contain fine and unique fragrance oils blended to guarantee you a subtle and delightful aroma in your home.

Our jar candles are individually hand-poured and saturated with rich, fragrant oils. These cute 2 oz., scented jar candles are great for small rooms. They are also a great way to try out a new fragrance!.

Floating Candles

Floating candles are a great way to add that designer's touch to floating candle bowls and floating candle centerpieces. Add flowers, beads, colored water - anything you'd like to create your own impressive display.

Additionally, floating candles can be used to create a charming atmosphere for outdoor parties. You can float them in a swimming pool or fountain, or place floating candles in water filled bowls atop tables.

Tea Light Candles

The adaptable tea light candle is a great value. It is both a candle and a candle holder; all in one inexpensive package. Our tea light candles come set in the standard aluminum cups or our unique clear cups and will fit most standard tea light candle holders. Buy in bulk and save more.

Our unscented tea light candles are a great wholesale value and perfect for any event. We sell standard 3-4 hour tea lights, long burning 19 hour and 47 hour tea lights, and the ultimate burn 927 hour tea light (we suggest constant attention to these). We offer discounts for large quantities.

Candle Holders

We offer various candle holders made of glass, balsa wood, pewter, ostrich bone, dried leaves, and iron. Each of these materials is available for pillar, votive, tea light, and candlestick candles.

Our candle holders are perfect for decorating your home, business, or outdoor event! Candle holders add a decorator's touch to any event or decor. However, our holders do much more than enhance your candle arrangement; they are crucial to safe candle burning and to get the most out of burn time. Candle holders stabilize your candles to help prevent them from being knocked over. We offer a wide variety of pillar, votive, and tea light candle holders.

Wick Care

We offer all the tools you require for full wick care, including stainless steel wick trimmers, dippers, and snuffers.
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